Four times a year, Leafly ranks the top medical marijuana dispensaries and retail stores in the U.S. and once again Swell Farmacy is holding two spots as Leafly’s top dispensary in Arizona. Swell Youngtown came in at number 1 and, not far behind, Swell Farmacy Central ranked number 4. Leafly limits multi-location dispensaries to just two spots on their list, or we know all four locations would have been featured. Here’s what made Swell Farmacy the number one cannabis dispensary in Arizona:


Located at 11200 West Michigan Avenue in Youngtown, AZ, Swell Farmacy, the top cannabis dispensary in Phoenix and the surrounding area, was recognized its superior quality products. From its gluten-free brownies, to topical products and beverages, and to the highly sought-after Lucid Dream Flower. This sativa-dominant hybrid combines the uplifting effects of Amnesia Haze with Blue Dream’s hints of sweet blueberry. Patients requiring treatment for stress, migraines, and nausea find this exceptional product perfect for daytime use. Patients will find quality products and exclusive flower not found anywhere else, except our awesome Swell farms.


Consistently demonstrating concern and kindness to its customers, the employees and budtenders at Swell Farmacy have made the marijuana dispensary famous for its exemplary service. One client wrote these words after watching a budtender give out their personal contact information in order to be kept informed of a hospitalized patient: “Five stars isn’t enough to rate [Swell’s] top notch service.”


Swell’s employees generate an atmosphere of warmth, support, and learning as they help and educate our patients about the products we have to offer. In addition, our medical marijuana dispensary fosters an environment of inspiration, encouraging everyone to become involved in the cannabis movement. In this unique atmosphere, our employees serve as genuine ambassadors and supporters of our patients and their medical needs.

You’ll want to check out the region-specific version of Leafly’s Winter 2017 list to help you locate the most relevant medical marijuana dispensaries near you. And don’t forget to look for Swell Farmacy’s other top cannabis dispensaries in the Phoenix area. While some top lists allow businesses to purchase rankings or obtain status through less authentic means, rankings on the Leafly List comes from 100% customer feedback and data.

If you have any questions about the Winter 2017 Leafly List, Swell Farmacy’s cannabis products, or anything else, please contact us!