If you’re ready to get your medical marijuana card in Arizona, you may be wondering where to start. It might sound like a time-intensive and uncertain process, but we’ve taken the guesswork out of getting your medical marijuana card in Arizona. Below is a swell step-by-step guide for those wanting to become an MMJ patient and obtain a medical marijuana card.

1. Find Out if You Qualify

The first step to obtaining an MMJ card is finding out if you have a qualifying reason to be a candidate for a medical marijuana card. A person becomes a “qualifying patient” for a debilitating medical condition as diagnosed by a physician. A few of the qualifying reasons are glaucoma, chronic neck pain associated with migraines, general chronic pain conditions (such as fibromyalgia), cancer, and ALS. Additionally, you must be a resident of Arizona with a valid photo ID. View the full list of qualifying reasons in the state of Arizona here

2. Find a Medical Marijuana Evaluator

Next, find a doctor or qualified evaluator to write you a recommendation for cannabis based on your medical qualification. If you happen to have your medical history or any other documents confirming your condition, be sure you present them at the time of your consultation. Documentation can be very helpful in the process.

Your doctor can be a naturopath, an osteopath, or homeopath registered in the State of Arizona. They will fill out a Certification Form and submit to the state. This visit costs $100-150 on average.

3. Submit Your Application

The doctor recommending you for a medical marijuana card can submit your application for you, but if you prefer to do it yourself, you can do so here. The processing and turnaround time is usually about a week or two, but don’t be surprised if it takes slightly longer. The fee to apply to be registered is $150.

After the processing and approval of your application, you will receive your medical marijuana card in the mail in 7 to 10 days. If you’re not approved, you will not have to pay the fee.

4. What’s Next?

After a doctor has evaluated your qualifying condition(s) and you’ve received your medical marijuana card, you can start experiencing the benefits of cannabis and purchase medical marijuana from a certified dispensary. It’s important to access a quality medical marijuana dispensary near you when buying cannabis. Most dispensaries, including Swell, offer specials for new patients as well as daily deals and other discounts. Be sure to bring your medical card as well as government issued photo ID, as you will be required to present both when you arrive. 

If you live more than 25 miles from a dispensary, you may grow up to 12 medical marijuana plants. Familiarize yourself with the laws governing medical marijuana in Arizona so there are no surprises once you’re certified.

Renewing Your Card

When the time comes to renew your card, you will need to provide a new and current physician certification, photo ID, and Patient Attestation Form that is signed and with the current date. It will also cost $150, but many marijuana doctors in Arizona will educate you about discounted rates you may be eligible for.

Contact us if you have any other questions on how to get your medical marijuana card.